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“We paved your way to a better life through Clark County paving, paving Vancouver WA, asphalt Vancouver WA, and gravel Vancouver WA.”

Paving Vancouver WA

We are one of the Vancouver paving companies that believe paving can be accomplished through different construction and engineering methods. Pavements, moreover, come in different forms and sizes in Clark County paving, paving Vancouver WA, asphalt Vancouver WA, and gravel Vancouver WA. Overall, Vancouver paving, asphalt paving Vancouver WA, or gravel Vancouver WA is one tough job yet promises great results in function and aesthetics once done professionally.

We have been specializing in the field of paving Vancouver for quite a long time now; thus, we can confidently say that we have gained a top spot in the business as a Vancouver paving company. Of course, this prestige is the result of hard work and innovation. Clark County paving, paving Vancouver WA, asphalt Vancouver WA, and gravel Vancouver WA may be simple at first glance, but if the steps are not properly and meticulously carried out and executed, the result will be far from satisfactory. Through the years in the business, we have been well-invested in time, money, and effort in order to come up and generate innovations and development in how we implement the job in order to keep up with the latest trends in construction and engineering. We just simply want to make sure that we are not left behind and that we retain our prestige in the industry.

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What makes us great?

We use a holistic approach in doing this business, making it more than just offering paving services as one the Vancouver paving companies but also more of an endeavor in making the lives of our clients more convenient and comfortable. We cater to households, businesses, individuals, and corporations; regardless of the size and purpose, we guarantee excellent performance in all aspects of the job as a Vancouver paving company.

Firstly, management and employee-employer relationship are made sure to be sound and proactive at all times. Management at this level is very vital because it determines to a great extent the output we deliver to our clients. Management takes great care of the workers at all levels so that they become more motivated and driven to work harder, with professionalism and excellence in mind and heart.

Secondly, we put so much value in training and skills development. Work in the construction and engineering industry is highly critical and competitive; thus, we invest in training, workshops, and other knowledge and skills development programs of our workers at all levels. It is important that we are updated with the current trends in the industry we belong to. If we are not, we are sure to be left behind. We do not want that to happen at all cost in Clark County pavingpaving Vancouver WA, asphalt Vancouver WA, and gravel Vancouver WA.

Feeling interested already? Get  and read glimpses of our services below, which include asphalt paving Vancouver WA, concrete, crack sealing, seal coating, and striping.  Feel free to check out our services pages for more information. It is not just in construction and engineering skills that are workers are well-trained in. They are also endowed with ample knowledge and skills in the areas of customer service and work ethics.

​These are aspects that cannot be taken for granted, lest the company might go down the drain due to poor customer feedback. In our years in service, we have established and created a long line of satisfied clients who keep in coming back to us for their paving projects. They are simply satisfied with the results that we bring to the table in all the projects we undertake.

Our tools, materials, equipment, and methods are also of high market quality. Nowadays, environment-friendly materials are encouraged to lessen if not eradicate the harmful effects of the construction industry to the environment. This has also become our endeavor in the recent years, to invest in non-hazardous materials and methods in asphalt paving Vancouver WA and Vancouver paving.

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Why Choose Asphalt Paving Vancouver?


Vancouver paving companies know that concrete paving requires steps that must be carried out in perfection to ensure excellent result. From the preparation of the subgrade up to placing and finishing the concrete pavement, they must be executed properly. Moreover, there are also essentially two methods for concrete paving Vancouver, the slipform and the fixed form.

Seal Coating

Seal coating decreases the depth to which oil or gas goes into the asphalt, therefore delaying its deterioration and diminution, extending its life. It is, thus, a protective coating to asphalt-based roadways. It reduces the friction and properties associated with the exposed aggregates in asphalt. It also practically blocks the sun’s ultraviolet rays and oxygen as well, which can damage the asphalt. Primarily, there are three types of seal coating: coal tar based, asphalt-based, and petroleum based.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing Vancouver is of low cost as a means of preserving pavements and roads. Doing it sooner as quickly after they show up reduces the damage to the pavement. Hence, the longer the cracks are sealed, they longer the pavement lasts. If you want cracks on your driveway, pavement, or roadway sealed with utmost professionalism and care, then come to us and let us help you through this project as a Vancouver paving company.


Pavement striping is a fun yet delicate task. It is done primarily for safety, aesthetics, and space division. Roadways, driveways, and parking lots are line striped to prevent accidents and undue harm and damage to people, things, and the environment. In some places, striping is a legal requirement, in accordance with lawful standards. Even though it is not mainly a preventive maintenance task, it is still considered as one of the most important processes in paving.

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